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The top advantage of buying products from Smokeless Image is that their starter kits and accessories are inexpensive. The Smokeless Image Volt, for instance, supplies new vapers with an affordable way to start vaping and to find out how rechargeable systems operate. Many other brands are only now starting to take the Smokeless Image example and are offering sale prices on their starter kits. At Smokeless Image, they’ve never had to drop their prices.

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Smokeless Image Starter Kits

This US firm also provides a large selection of kits from mini cigs to eGos. Their intermediate and advanced systems appear to be re-branded or cloned items designed by and available from Chinese firms such as Innokin, but they will be included in this article so you can see what Smokeless Image has to offer.

Volt Pack Kit, $9.95

Volt Pack

Apart from Volt Disposables, this is the cheapest way to begin vaping the affordable and eco-friendly way. There are two versions: one featuring tobacco, the other menthol cartridges. This kit contains two cartomizers filled with e juice, 18 mg nicotine per/ml. A single small battery (65 mm) and one USB charger are also included and Smokeless Image backs their electronics with a 3-month warranty.

Volt Basic Kit, $13.95

Volt Basic Kit

Take the kit above and add more cartridges to come up with a Basic Kit. You receive 5 cartomizers instead of 2 and also a selection of flavors and strengths. There are 0 to 2.4% nicotine levels and flavors like Country Tobacco, Vanilla, Grape, and Watermelon. The addition of 3 more cartomizers doesn’t really justify the additional $4 cost because a full pack of cartomizers sells for just $5.95. That’s just over $1 per item, less than the additional price of upgrading from the Volt Pack to a Basic set.

Better Value: Volt Standard Kit, $22.95

Volt Standard Kit

I would recommend skipping the Basic and starting here, with a Standard starter set. For that additional $13, you receive a second battery plus a wall adapter on top of the USB and 5 cartomizers. Extra batteries cost $7.95 each; an AC adapter is priced $5.95. With those extra three cartomizers, you definitely save money, equal to about $3 as compared with buying the Volt kit and adding extras yourself. Also, select battery color and format (manual or automatic) to customize the set completely.

Pro Starter Kit, $29.95

Pro Starter Kit

Add $7 more for a Pro which features 2 rechargeable Li-Ion cells, 5 cartomizers, and a portable charging case. The picture shows a USB charger but it’s not clear if this is included. The only way to assess the value of this set truly, given that you exchange an AC adapter and possibly a USB charger for the portable case, is to determine your personal requirements. If it’s likely you will need to recharge on the road, then the Pro Kit is for you. Sold separately, the portable charging case (PCC) is priced $17.95.

Premium Kit, $44.95

Premium Kit

This is the final mini cig starter bundle. At this point, you are doubling the number of cartridges but still obtaining two customizable batteries. The PCC and other chargers are included here plus a pass-through e cig which allows you to vape while charging. Calculate value: a battery costs $7.95, the AC adapter is $5.95,cartridges cost a little over $1 each (we’ll say an additional 8 costs $9 to achieve a round number), and a PCC costs $17.95.

The sum of these parts is just under $41. Add this to the Volt Pack with the USB pass-through cig and it’s no contest — the Premium is your best buy, but only if you can see yourself making a long-term commitment to rechargeable mini cigs of this type; say 6 months.

MVP Starter Kit

MVP Starter Kit

Innokin makes the original iTaste MVP, a device suitable for vapers with some experience but not necessarily advanced vapers. This mod is easy to use with adjustment buttons for varying voltage and wattage (up to 11W). A display shows your number of puffs, voltage, and wattage. Built-in memory recalls your last setting and the system protects your device from short-circuit caused by installing an atomizer coil with resistance that’s too low.

The best feature of an MVP is that you can use it to recharge other USB-powered items like the Volt. Keep the 2600mAh internal cell topped up and take the MVP on road trips, recharging e cig batteries or your cell phone. This kit comes with two clearomizers and is truly inexpensive at under $40.

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