At NicQuid they make the best e juice their professional staff (chemists, in fact) can conceive and provide the highest quality Americans could imagine. All it takes is dedication to details like running a certified clean room, using USP ingredients, and choosing GRAS, food-grade flavorings.

NicQuid, made in Miamisburg, Ohio, is rated the number one US-made e juice. Theirs is one of the rare brands of e juice not originating in California.

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NicQuid Products

The NicQuid e juice line consists of 4 types of flavors plus a High-vegetable glycerin (VG) series. High-VG juices contain 30% PG (propylene glycol) and 70% VG making them exceptional choices for sub ohm vaping.

But they aren’t originally conceived for high watts and low ohms: these are merely adaptations of existing flavors. Two of them are Banana Nut Bread and Heartland (melon and berries).

The Four B’s

NicQuid’s other four e juice series are Bliss, Blast, Burst, and Blend. Blends are tobacco e juices. Burst contains menthol or mint flavoring. A Blast is a fruit style, while dessert is pure Bliss. Their total number of e liquids (not including High-VG items) is just 31 with the highest number listed under “Blast” fruits.

Examples of NicQuid E Juices

Under Bliss we have a traditional style: Cinnamon. Cinnamon e juice is simple; a favorite among vapers. Cherry on Top replicates the experience of scooping sweetened whipped cream from atop a sundae with a sugary candied cherry on top. It’s creamy, but light at the same time.

Midnight Express is a Blend: a rich, full-bodied blend for a connoisseur of authentic-tasting tobacco-type e liquids. Soho is a bit more complex and harder to pin down as a real type of tobacco, although you might have tasted it as a pipe tobacco: chocolate, vanilla, plus raisin.

As for fruit Blasts, there’s plenty of choice. Grape Escape isn’t like real grape; this one is a grape of the candied variety. Select Peach if you’re looking for a ripe, real-fruit experience. Pom Beach blends pomegranate and strawberry into a cocktail on the beach.

Last, let’s look at mint and menthol: the Burst selection. Some are bold; others smooth. Smoothol is actually a misleading name because its flavor might be too strong to classify as smooth. This is a creamy, sweet style of mint/menthol a little like a creamy candy. Bahama Blizzard tastes like a frozen tropical cocktail: maybe similar to Pom Beach but with a twist of mint.

Buy NicQuid

Purchase this affordable product made to high standards from various outlets: directly from NicQuid, through Smokeless Image where they supply e juice by the bottle and for cartridges, or from one of the numerous other vendors carrying a brand that’s worth standing behind.

Each bottle (when you buy from NicQuid) costs $7.95 for 10 ml, so it’s not the cheapest brand, though reasonable given their production standards. A better value is the larger bottle, but you might want to experiment with sample packs first. Choose your nicotine level: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 mg.

NicQuid is also available to wholesale customers. They don’t blend in small batches to create a short supply and high demand so as to charge $1 per milliliter. There’s plenty to go around. You can also build up a portfolio of loyalty points to be exchanged with NicQuid as money towards more e juice. That’s one of the perks of loyalty.

Shipping is free if you order $100 worth of e juice or more. The ordinary shopper would have to purchase e juice for friends in order to reach that kind of value or purchase electronics from NicQuid too. When it’s in stock, they carry a Spinner Kit. An 1100-mAh battery replacement, clearomizer, and coil heads are sold separately.

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