Smokeless Image And The Volt

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The Smokeless Image Volt hasn’t changed a whole lot since first it was released more than half a decade ago, or at least not since the switch from three-part to two-part e cigs. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed, but perhaps even more alarming is that Smokeless Image has failed to update its image and some of its programs in recent years.

When you read that details for the loyalty page are dated 2010, that has to make a person wonder if the company is still truly breathing or ready to kick the bucket. And when prices are as low as they are at Smokeless Image, it’s also tempting to wonder if this place is too good to be true. That is why I think Smokeless Image should undergo an internet overhaul: just an aesthetic one. Everything else should stay the same.

Everything Else

By that I mean all of their products should remain as they are: their e juice and cartomizer selection, starter kits, disposables, and more advanced products. I can’t find fault with the product selection aimed at a newbie audience and possibly a few next-level vapers except to say that their clones could be better labeled as such. Vision originated the Spinner. Innokin developed the iClear 16 and MVP. Smokeless Image could be more forthcoming about certain details.

Products at Smokeless Image Available With Coupon Codes

There isn’t a less expensive array of starter kits available over the internet to my knowledge. A Volt Pack with 1 battery, 2 cartomizers, and a USB charger is priced about $10 — roughly what some firms charge for a single disposable if you can buy a single. Their disposables, by the way, are priced $5.95. Only the White Cloud Fling is as cheap. As for kits of the kind I just mentioned, you can expect to pay about twice that amount or more for something exactly the same from a bigger brand name.

A Basic Kit contains 1 battery but five cartomizers ($13.95) while the Standard two-battery set is priced $22.95. With the addition of $9, you receive a second battery plus an AC adapter. Add another $7 to obtain a PCC (portable charging case) but no AC adapter and go up to $44.95 for the Premium 2-battery, 10-cartomizer, PCC set with a USB cig plus USB and AC charging equipment. Believe it or not, many firms charge this much or more for something similar to the Standard Kit.

Upgrade to an MVP set for $62.96. Innokin’s iTaste MVP 2.0 normally retails for around $50 but it does not usually come packaged with 2 iClear 16 clearomizers and 30 ml of e juice, so I would say this is excellent value. Select from four exterior finishes.

Replacing Parts

Eventually, you are going to have no choice but to replace batteries. They recharge 300 times, which could take a heavy smoker 6 months or less. Batteries are decent (220 mAh and 320 mAh) but they still only last up to 5 hours at a time and a chain smoker might vape all of 18 hours every day. If he owns two batteries and alternates between them, that still accounts for a couple of charges in 24 hours and that’s just within the first several weeks. Expect a battery to lose its charge more rapidly the older it becomes.

Since most companies list their mini cig batteries for $14 or up to $20+, it was a refreshing surprise to see the Volt 65-mm battery listed at $7.95 and just another $1 for the 78-mm option, manual or automatic.

View the picture posted on Smokeless Image’s website to see how e cig batteries relate to cigarettes. Even the 65 mm with a cartridge is a little longer than a large cigarette, but you can really see the difference between regular cigarettes, 100’s, and the two sizes of Volt mini cigs in this picture.

Watch one of the many Volt videos to find out how these are operated, especially if you are brand new to manual (button-activated) mini cigs. In fact, use their video series to learn about all the products featured here plus how to refill a clearomizer or blank cartomizer (atomized cartridge).

The Volt X2 passthrough battery with a rubberized finish (just like a Volt cigalike) costs $12.95. You can plug this into a laptop USB and keep vaping while batteries charge or as a convenient option in the car if you own a car charging adapter. Smokeless Image makes their cells available in loads of colors including the eGo type and Spinner cells offering more power. Pay just $12.95 for a 650-mAh device. The cost of a 1300-mAh battery is only $16.95.

E Juice at Smokeless Image With Promo Codes Available

Smokeless Image has partnered with NicQuid to offer assorted e juice flavors in pre-filled and bottled formats. This was a good move as NicQuid’s stellar reputation can only enhance that of this quiet company that flies beneath the radar where VaporFi and South Beach Smoke are soaring high.

NicQuid makes their e liquids in a certified lab on US soil using USP ingredients and strict production standards. Their flavors are divided into desserts, fruits, mint/menthol, and tobacco and selection is decent but not overwhelming. A 10-ml bottle costs $7.95, although there’s a part of the site that says you can buy a bottle for $4.89 without further explanation (are these sample bottles in kits?) Select the 30-ml format for only $18.99.

Volt e juice cartomizers are, once again, the industry’s cheapest. They include Cowboy and Desert Joe Tobaccos, Cappuccino, New Grape (sweet style), and Cherry. Choose an amount of nicotine between 0 and 24 mg per/ml. A box of five pre-fills costs $5.95, which is also their price for blanks. A 30-ml bottle of Volt e juice is priced just $6.95. Use these to fill the blanks or a CE3 bottom coil now listed at the clearance price of $8.99 for five of them.

Packaging Overhaul

While Smokeless Image considers a website makeover, they might want to consider a packaging overhaul too. They need a change; more sophistication. The Volt is ready to reach a new audience.

Hopefully we have helped you not just find coupon codes & discounts, but also gave you valuable information about this company.